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US Patent 5,381,797
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Russia Patent 223,42,41
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What is this?

Health Matrix

This table (called Health Matrix) displays the state of channels (meridians).

Health Matrix displays the Qi energy distortions in percentage terms:

  • Excesses colored with warm colors (yellow, red)
  • Lacks colored with cold colors (bright blue, blue).
  • Zero compensation level displays the current Yin-Yang levels.

This matrix was made by the computer pulse diagnosis system - Pulse Analysis System.

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Pulse Analysis System
PAS software
More info

Software: PAS v3.2 Series

Determines the state of channels (meridians), Qi energy distortions
Displays Yin and Yang levels
Print TCM syndromes, Wu-Xing, Hexagram and much more

This software is used for: diagnostics of person's health, planning treatment, forecasting results of treatment, health monitoring. It uses PAS sensor v3.2 Series for registering pulses.

Price: Free
PAS sensors
More info
Order now

Pulse wave sensor: PAS v3.2 Series

Registering pulse wave, using PAS v3.2 Series software
Intelligent signal quality control system
Licensing capable
License for 500 pulse registrations FREE

Now computer Pulse Diagnosis has more reasonable price than ever. The leasing (see the leasing program) makes it possible, to lower the initial cost of Pulse Diagnosis system to:

Price: 580 Euro

Pulse Analysis System - is capable for:

Diagnostics of person's health
Planning the treatment
Monitoring health

For working with PAS it is needed a computer with at least Pentium II CPU, 64 Mb RAM and USB port.
Supported OS Windows 98/ME,2000,XP
PAS system
The PAS used in oriental medicine health centers as a diagnostic tool for acupuncture, herbal therapy and other alternative medicine specialists. It also can be used to determine effect of medicaments and food additives. The mobile version of PAS can be delivered to patient directly (for disabled people) or in the outdoors.
Questions ? E-mail: e-mails list Emails list ICQ: 60257194 or use Forum Forum at Pulse Academy