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PAS sensor v3.2 Series
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PAS sensors

1. PAS sensor v3.2 Series
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PAS sensor

PAS sensor is intelligent device based on microprocessor, capable of registration pulse wave according to the Ce-May technique

It consists of:
Highly sensitive sensor, capable of registration even weakest pulse beats (which are insensible by fingers)

Microprocessor, which provides:

Receiving of pulse wave signal from sensor
Filtering and correcting of signal
Selecting, processing and controlling quality of pulse wave
Supporting leasing program
Testing and tuning the PAS sensor
PAS sensor scheme
PAS sensor schematic

According to the Ce-May technique pulse is registration on the wrists of both hand, in the Cun, Guan and Chi points. Also there is surface pulse and deep pulse in each point. Total it is registering 12 series of pulse waves. More information in PAS pulse taking diagrams...

Pulse points
Pulse registration points

Pulse registration process is almost complete automated. You only need to set the sensor in the pulse position and wait until registration is complete. Software and sensor continuously controlling the pulse wave parameters and quality of registration. This allow to record only high quality pulse registration. Experienced doctor, make registration of all series of pulse waves in 3-5 minutes.

Pulse wave registration
Pulse wave registration

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Leasing program

Today price of computer pulse diagnostics is vary from 1800 to 20000 Euro. This monetary barrier not allowing to use computer pulse diagnosis widely by many TCM (and other alternative medicine) specialists.

To break this monetary barrier and make the computer pulse diagnostics obtainable by many specialists we have start a leasing program.

PAS sensor is delivering to you in leasing (guarantee cost is 580 Euro). This means that you will pay only for using PAS, in other words you pay a small cost (about 1 Euro) for each diagnosed people.

For that purpose each PAS sensor has "Sensor registration resource" - it is a number of pulse registrations which can be done (how much pulse registrations you can make). And a "License" - which need to upload in sensor to increase the amount of "Sensor registration resource". For more information read "PAS User's manual"...

Diagnosing people: (each pulse registration takes one resource)
Patient N 1 Diagnostics =
Patient N 2 Diagnostics =
Setting up new license: (when sensor resource is over)
License for 100 pulse registrations Setting up new license =
PAS sensor
PAS sensor pulse registration resource
License for PAS pulse registrations

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Technical information

    PAS sensor
Current consumption: less than 1,5 mA
Sensor dimensions: 140 mm (without cable), diameter less than 20mm
Connector: USB
Operation conditions: temperature +10° to + 35° С; air moisture at + 25°С - 80%
Lifetime - more than 3 years

Ordering information

PAS sensors
Order now

Pulse wave sensor: PAS v3.2 Series

Registering pulse wave, using all versions of PAS software
Intelligence signal quality control system
Licensing capable
License for 500 pulse registrations FREE

You can order PAS sensor using addresses which listed in Price

Price: 580 Euro
PAS software
More info

Software: PAS v3.2 Series

Determines the state of channels (meridians), Qi energy distortions
Displays Yin and Yang levels
Print TCM syndromes, Wu-Xing, Hexagram and much more

This software is used for diagnostics of person's health, planning treatment, forecasting results of treatment, health monitoring. It uses PAS sensor v3.2 Series for registering pulses.

Price: Free

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