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PAS system

1. History of system development
2. Pulse Analysis System
3. System components
4. Technical information

History of system development

This system is a logical continuation of concept of human health estimation by pulse wave founded by a group of authors in 1988 in Vladivostok, Russia. First realization of this concept was presented as a series of PDC (pulse diagnostic complex) and was based on registration of low-frequency acoustic signal of pulse wave by a special sensor.

Points estimations - zeroes, extremes, pulse wave phases and their combinations - were used as pulse parameters. The basis for analysis and interpretation method were laws of Yin-Yang, WU-Xing and empirical knowledge acquired during investigation by the use of PDC.

The PDC is widely used in many countries, and proved its efficiency. The wide use of PDC series systems show their weak sides:
1. Points estimations seems to be sensitive to the external factors
2. Paramaters interpretation system greatly depends on emperical data and it is difficult to reveal a connection between pulse parameters and persons's health
3. This required a much experience of a doctor and conditions which are not always available in practice

To remove these weak points of PDC and for further development of computer system of pulse diagnostics we formulated next tasks:

Pulse Analysis System was developed to solve these problems.

Pulse Analysis System

Pulse Analysis System (PAS) is a system designed for complete diagnostics of person's health by means of the pulse wave's analysis taken off by the special sensor. The result of analysis is a complex estimation of functional systems (Elements, Channels) as a health matrix which revealing all derangement in person's health. The PAS based on: traditional Oriental pulse diagnostics and modern data processing methods.

The PAS is best used for oriental medicine health centers as a diagnostic tool for acupuncture, herbal therapy and other alternative medicine specialists. It also can be used to determine effect of medicaments and food additives. The mobile version, the PAS can be delivered to patient directly (for disabled people) or in the outdoors.

System components

Pulse Analysis System consists of:

1. PAS software

PAS sensor

3. Computer (required)
4. Printer (recommended)
  Комплект ПАС

Пульсовая Аналитическая Система
PAS software
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Software: PAS v3.2 Series

Determines the state of channels (meridians), Qi energy distortions
Displays Yin and Yang levels
Print TCM syndromes, Wu-Xing, Hexagram and much more

This software is used for: diagnostics of person's health, planning treatment, forecasting results of treatment, health monitoring. It uses PAS sensor v3.2 Series for registering pulses.

Price: Free
PAS sensors
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Pulse wave sensor: PAS v3.2 Series

Registering pulse wave, using PAS v3.2 Series software
Intelligence signal quality control system
Licensing capable
License for 500 pulse registrations FREE

Now computer Pulse Diagnosis has more reasonable price than ever. The leasing (see the leasing program) makes it possible, to lower the initial cost of Pulse Diagnosis system to:

Price: 580 Euro

Technical information

For working with PAS it is needed a computer with at least Pentium II CPU, 64 Mb RAM and serial COM port. Supported OS Windows 98/ME,2000,XP

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