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Research was taken on, to determine the changes in human condition in real-time. We are finishing to developing the addition to PAS software (it is available in PAS 3.209), which makes possible to process pulses in real-time, making one channel Health Matrix for each pulse wave. This allows to viewing a change in channels immediately, but for speed reasons, we halved the analysis quality (accuracy). We have made several tests that show some interesting things.

First, these tests clearly demonstrate the repeatability of PAS analysis. Just imagine this software makes PAS analysis for each pulse wave, and the variation of PAS analysis is below 1% (watch fig.1 the persons was relaxed, and breathe freely).

Fig. 1. Normal (relaxed) breathing (maximal variation below 1%)

This graphs show the deformation of Elements Qi (colored lines) from SING-order (0 line). Left axis shows the value of deformation in %. Bottom axis shows the number of pulses taken (on fig 1. there is 80 pulse waves analyzed, it's about 80 seconds of continuing pulse taking). In all test pulse registered at Liver position.

Second, we have noticed the significant (about 5%) changes in Elements Qi deformation during deep breathing. During this test person takes a deep breath - hold it for a while - breath out - and then breath free.

Fig. 2. Changing of Elements Qi deformation in Liver channel while taking breath test:
(deep breath - hold breath - breath out - free breathing)

Third, this tests clearly demonstrate, how the Elements Qi is changing in channel. WU-XING laws have received an experimental proof.

Fig. 3. Elements interaction laws (WU-XING) working during breath test

As it demonstrated in this test, the Self (Tree) is supporting by Mother (Water) and feed the Son (Fire). The Mother is suppressing the Son, that is why Son is lesser than Self.

Fig. 3. WU-XING scheme
(size of circles is no matter)

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