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1. Biliary dyskinesia
2. Action of aspirin "Upsa"(under development)

  1. Biliary dyskinesia
  2. Action of aspirin "Upsa"(under development)

Biliary dyskinesia

Patient name was replaced for private reasons, we fill the form in the patient list:

Fig. 1

And then start registration. In the registration options we set "Receiving assurance" to 75% and "Length of registration series" to 6, for more accurate results.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

As we successfully recorded all 12 positions, we start analysis. There is one of this waves on figure 3.

Pulse wave of Gall Bladder
Fig. 4

Starting analysis. First check the "Heath Matrix". Choose the "Elements" in View (Elements matrix is combined Yin-Yang matrices).

Fig. 5

On the "Health Matrix" you can see the Qi deformations.
The most deformed (relatively) is assigned with deeper color (Lack - is blue, Excess - is red).

Rows shows the structure of Qi deformation (all types of Qi) in object (channel). For example the Tree Element has Lack of Fire Qi (th Fire-Minister Element Qi) and Excess of Moisture Qi (the Soil Element Qi).

Columns shows the structure of Qi deformation (one type of Qi) in Elements (for example Wind - Tree Element Energy).

Balance (row, column) is the arithmetical sum of deformation in absolute value (example |-1.5| + |1.5| = 3)

Also important is the Yin Yang zero compensation level (simple it's a total health level, relative to person's max health level):

So let's start to describe, it's very simple. First look to Yin Yang compensations level, we can say that the patient total health level is good, but there is some problems (may be disease) in Yang channel.
Now look at deformations, we can say that total level of deformations is high (it's 12,35, usually it lower than 6), now take a look at main deformation sources it's Tree element (5,7 is very high level) and some deformation is made by Metal element (2,19). To determine the deformations in details examine the Yin matrix, as we now that Yin is good balanced.

Fig. 6

Just as we say, the total level of deformation of Yin is low (2,68 is good level), but we notice the high deformation level in Lungs (because we noticed high level in the Metal element) other objects didn't make serious deformations to total level. Next let's take a look Yang matrix:

Fig. 7

As we can see, the total level of deformation of Yang is high (9,78 is high level indicates serious problems). Now look at the Gall Bladder channel (5,54 it's very high level for one object), it's now clear, that the Gall Bladder was the source of such massive deformation (about one half of total deformation), also there is another troublemaker it's the Large Intestine (1,57) it represents the Yang of Metal element channel.

So we made a quick review of the patient's health. Let's now listen to the official (traditional) medicine, they say:

Let's make it altogether. We can say that patient has serious problems with Gall Bladder, but the level compensation (health) is good and now there is no immediate threat to health. Also we noticed the inflammatory process that was in Lungs, and bring problems to Large Intestine (it was confirmed by patient). Because the Lungs are the Yin (source, resource) side of Metal element, and Large Intestine is the Yang side of Metal element (consumer, realization). The problems with source lead to problems with consumer. Also patient should take care about Kidneys (0,59 right) and Vascular system (0,89 Pericardium).

Later in this document we explain the sources of disease, and the some methods of therapy (not only direct methods) that can be used (for example "Touch").

Fig. 8

    This document is under development.

    Using PAS in Acupuncture

    Using PAS in Herbal medicine

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